Application Process

Before starting the application process, applicants are encouraged to review our Frequently Asked Questions page to answer any questions you may have about the hiring process.

RPD is an equal opportunity employer (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). All applicants must meet the basic eligibility requirements before being considered to participate in the process.

Step 1: Create a Neogov account
Create a Neogov account to apply on the City of Raleigh website.
Step 2: Download and read application packet.
Download and READ application packet. Complete the application kit that pertains to you.
  • Application Kit
  • Lateral
    The Raleigh Police Department is always accepting lateral application packets for employment. The academy date is set based upon the number of lateral applicants that apply. Applicants can no longer apply in person.
Step 3: Gather all supporting documents including criminal and driving records
  • Certified copies of driving record, criminal record checks and civil record checks for all counties you have resided in as an adult. This includes out-of-state records. Driving records can be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles of each state a driver's license has been held. Criminal record checks can be obtained from the Clerk of Courts office of each county you have resided in as an adult or from the state police of each state you have resided in (military records will be obtained by the Recruiter).

  • Certified copies of all citations, criminal summons and warrants for arrest that have been issued to or for you.

  • Submit application to: RPD Recruiting Unit, 6716 Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC 27615

A check list of required documents is enclosed in each application kit/packet and should be mailed along with the completed kit.

Step 4: Application packet is reviewed
The Recruitment Office will review each applicant's packet.

Upon reviewing each file, a letter will be sent to applicant that do not meet the basic eligibility requirements and/or has disqualifiers that would prevent employment with the Department.
Step 5: Testing phase
The Recruitment Office will contact applicants to schedule a date/time to take a reading comprehension exam mandated by the State of North Carolina and a physical ability test based upon the Cooper's Institute Test (Cooper's Institute guidelines). Applicants will be required to present a valid photo ID card and/or driver's license that lists your current residence at the time of testing.

IMPORTANT: Once the Recruiter has confirmed with applicants a date/time scheduled for a reading comprehension exam and/or a physical ability test, it is the applicant's responsibility to cancel if they cannot make the appointment to avoid being disqualified.

Candidates must successfully pass the reading comprehension exam and pass the physical ability test in order to move on in the process.
Step 6: Polygraph examination and background investigation
  • Polygraph exam (minimum 3-4 hours to accommodate a written essay and obtaining a photo of each applicant). Click here for some helpful tips.
  • Conduct background investigations
Step 7: Oral board interview

Oral Board with Command Staff (arrive 30 minutes early)

If the applicant successfully completes the oral board, the agency may decide to issue a "conditional offer" to proceed to the following steps:

  • Psychological exam
  • Medical exam and drug screening
  • Fingerprints
Step 8: Final review by Chief
Final candidates' background summaries will be presented to the Chief of Police for hire. Employment dates will be determined by the needs of the Department, vacancy levels, and/or the selected academy dates.

Any questions please contact the Recruitment Office 919-996-1343 or email us at: Once you have been assigned to a recruiter, please refer all questions to that person.

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